April 29, 2020

Stakeholder Engagement Research

A 12-month content programme that will determine the real standard of current engagement and lay down markers for the path to best practice

The Mining Journal Stakeholder Engagement Programme is an extensive catalogue of work that will run over most of 2020 and into the New Year.

As part of that process, we will publish thought-leadership articles from stakeholders and prominent industry figures; run podcast and video interviews both with individuals and as discrete panels; execute high-level research to generate unique data points that gauge industry opinion; record a virtual panel to drill deeper on a key area of the stakeholder-engagement discussion; and, finally, host 13 experts in a room in London to debate the challenge miners face in understanding and meeting rising stakeholder expectations, then plot a road forward.

That programme will include a research report published in June 2020 based on a wide-ranging industry survey, then culminate in one final piece of content: a whitepaper aggregating those 12 months of market-leading commentary, research and discussion.

The whitepaper will serve as both a thought-leading discussion piece that distils the key messages from those among industry and stakeholder groups sitting at the forefront of engagement; as well as a reference document, which will identify markers against which the industry should be working to improve best practice.

Mining Journal will continue to monitor industry progress once the official stakeholder-engagement campaign has concluded.

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