September 29, 2020

Stakeholder Engagement Research

A 12-month content programme that will determine the real standard of current engagement and lay down markers for the path to best practice

The Mining Journal Stakeholder Engagement programme is an extensive catalogue of work that will run over most of 2020 and into the New Year.

As part of that process, we will publish thought-leadership articles from stakeholders and prominent industry figures; run podcast and video interviews both with individuals and as discrete panels; execute high-level research to generate unique data points that gauge industry opinion; and record a virtual panel to drill deeper on a key area of the stakeholder-engagement discussion. The programme also includes a research report.

Mining Journal Stakeholder Engagement - A report card: How are miners doing really?

This research report is the result of a Mining Journal survey run earlier in the year, that recorded more than 800 responses to questions designed to better understand the current performance of the mining industry regarding its engagement with stakeholders. The report also aggregates commentary from industry and stakeholder experts. To read the report for free, simply fill in the form below to download:

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Upcoming additional research

The Stakeholder Engagement programme content schedule is in its closing stages and will soon culminate with four individual online discussion panels that will help map the path forward toward better engagement between industry and its growing stakeholder contingent.

Those discussions will be synthesised into a report, which will form part of our integrated, multimedia whitepaper for release late this year.

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