International Council on Mining and Metals

Committed to ethical business practices that support sustainable development

Aidan Davy
International Council on Mining and Metals, chief operating officer

Aidan Davy joined ICMM in June 2007. As chief operating officer, he is responsible for strategy development and implementation. He also leads ICMM's work on environmental issues, including the management of issues relating to biodiversity, climate change, mine closure, tailings and water. Prior to assuming the role of COO in 2015, Aidan led ICMM's work on social and economic development, investor engagement and sustainability reporting.  

Aidan has over 30 years of cross-sectoral experience on sustainable development issues, working with a range of private, multi-lateral and not-for-profit organisations, including the World Bank and theInternational Finance Corporation in Washington DC.


Mining and metals are critically important to society – from supporting the promotion of sustainable economic growth and the building of resilient and inclusive communities to enabling the innovations needed to address the urgency of climate change – but they must be produced responsibly.

The International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) is committed to ethical business practices that support sustainable development. Developed with extensive input from a variety of stakeholders, ICMM’s Mining Principles respond to evolving societal expectations of industry by strengthening ICMM’s member requirements on myriad issues – such as resettlement, mine closure pollution and waste.

Building on the values of members, ICMM’s Mining Principles define good practice environmental, social and governance requirements of company members that, in turn, will support progress towards the global targets of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Incorporating robust site-level validation of performance expectations and credible assurance of corporate sustainability reports, ICMM’sMining Principles seek to maximise the industry’s benefits to host communities, while minimising negative impacts to effectively manage issues of concern to society.

The ICMM Mining Principles are aligned with the objectives of other responsible sourcing initiatives. The ICMM encourages all mining companies to join its members embracing good practice environmental, social and governance requirements.