Introducing Mining Journal Stakeholder Engagement

Mining Journal is proud to announce the launch of its Stakeholder Engagement Programme.

The initiative will be a truly collaborative effort, curated by our internal content team but supported by industry and stakeholders, through which:

•  resources companies can take part in meaningful, forward-looking conversation with investors, employees, governments, end users and civil society groups;
• and stakeholders can engage directly with, and better understand, the mining industry.

The multimedia platform will carry that conversation through podcast recordings, video interviews, thought-leadership articles, news, and a white paper review of both the current state of the industry’s engagement with its stakeholders and the practical path ahead.

The central pillar of the programme will be either a roundtable discussion in February 2021 if travel and social distancing restrictions allow or a digital discussion week in November. Either format will include representatives from:

• Major mining groups
• ESG investors
• End users and supply chain practitioners
• Young mining professionals
• NGOs.

The programme is our response to the rising expectations held by industry stakeholders, which is set against what is seen by many as an inadequate industry response to these pressures. That response has been, with a few notable exceptions, divided into two camps:

• High-level discussions and meaningful dialogue with stakeholders during summits hosted by organisations such as the United Nations or World Bank that most of the 2,200 listed resources groups across the world know little or nothing about; and

• Industry ‘echo chambers’ where miners talk to each other about programmes and reporting without any stakeholders present to hold them accountable.

The intention is to use Mining Journal’s unrivalled global subscriber base – alongside the distribution network of sister publications Mining Magazine, Mining News, Mining News Brazil and Australia’s Mining Monthly – to deliver that high-level, stakeholder-inclusive conversation to the broader sector so it is better equipped to engage, manage risk, and improve best practice.  

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